Auckland International Cultural Festival 2011

 27 March · 10:00 - 17:00


War Memorial Park
13 May Rd, Mt Roskil
Auckland, New Zealand

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Join the fun and celebrate Auckland’s cultural diversity with people from more than 40 nationalities who live in Auckland at the Auckland International Cultural Festival.

Organised by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development Ltd on behalf of Auckland Council, this fascinating free festival is a cultural celebration of food, dance, sport, art and craft - best of all, it's free!

The multicultural event showcases traditional... dance and musical performances across three stages and over 100 stalls of traditional food. The Ethnic Soccer Cup final is also part of the day’s celebrations.

A few of this year’s many attractions include:

The Malaysia Kitchen
Tantalise your taste buds at the Malaysia Kitchen pavilion which celebrates and promotes the cultural diversity and heritage of Malaysian cuisine. Try a range of authentic traditional delicacies to complex gourmet fusions of subtle flavours and rich spices.

Making tracks - live!
Music is our universal language, and we’re mixing it up live with Nick D. See your favourite Kiwi artists partner with Ethiopian musicians to create a unique cultural collaboration – all mixed live!

Art and music of Indonesia
See the Wayang Shadow Puppets come to life with the Auckland Gamelan Orchestra. You could also try one of our Chintamani batik craft workshops or chill out to the tranquil tones of the Wellington Gamelan Padhang Moncar that features many Indonesian instruments.

Loy Krathong Wishing Stream
We’re bringing the Thai festival, Loy Krathong to Aotearoa! Loy meaning ‘to float’ and krathong, a ‘raft’ - make your own beautiful krathong from a banana tree trunk, decorate it with flowers, set it afloat and make a wish.

Get active at the sports arena
Don’t miss the greatly anticipated Ethnic Soccer Cup final and make sure you try the traditional Maori sport, Ki o rahi. This is a fun mix between the game ‘Go home, stay home’ and touch rugby.

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2011 Election of Chairperson & Officers of (AHAANZ)

4pm, Sunday, 6 March 2011


Islamic Ahlulbayt Foundation of N.Z

27 Ben Lomond Cresent

Organised by

More Info General Meeting and Election of Chairperson and Officers of All Hazara Afghan Association of NZ Inc
Please attend and vote your favourite candidates for the jobs.

For more information please contact

Khodad Serwari 022 650 6809 or
Assadullah Nazari: 021 028 42742 or
Safdar Hussaini: 027 371 6767
Khaliq Zullal: 021 02213061

Organized by:
All Hazara Afghan Association of N.Z. Inc (AHAANZ)

Qirat' ul' Quran and Hifz Competition 2011


When: Sunday 13th February 2011, 4pm-9pm

Where: Pakuranga Masjid, 27, Ben Lomond Cresent, Pakuranga Height, Auckland

Organised by: All Hazara Afghan Assocition of N.Z Inc


Big Occasion Qira’at of Quran

This category includes high level of Qira’at of Holy Quran with excellent Tajweed understanding. The Qura (reciters) will be tested with some Tajweed questions.

Open to all ages

Tajweed and Tarteel competition

This category includes the recitation of Holy Quran with Tajweed and Tarteel, the reciters should be fluent in reading with good pronunciation and tajweed.
Sub categories
1. Boys under 10 yrs
2. Boys between 11yrs to 16yrs
3. 17yrs and Up

Quranic quiz competition
Sub categories
1. Boys under 10 yrs
2. Boys between 11yrs to 16yrs
3. 17yrs and Up

Please click on the following link to find out about the questions and answers.

Memorising or Hifz of short Sura(s) of Quran
Sub categories
1. Boys under 10 yrs
2. Boys between 11yrs to 16yrs

You must need to enroll to be able to participate in the contest. Simpy just text your full name, date of birth and the name of the categories you are willing to participate in this competition.

For further information please contact your local representatives or

Fayaz 021 563 163 or

Safdar Hussaini
Officer of Cultural Affairs (AHAANZ)
Mob: 027 371 6767

Organized by:
All Hazara Afghan Association of N.Z. Inc (AHAANZ)

Philosophy Of Religion-AHAANZ Farsi Classes

Time: Wednesday, 05 January 2011. 18:30-20:30

Location: Pakuranga Masjid, Auckland, New Zealand


More Info: Total 18 lectures on “Philosophy of Religion” by one of our respectful cleric Mr. Abdol Khalegh Mohammadi

1. Why we need to know the religion?
2. What kind of religion is Islam?
3. What are the main ideas of Islam?
4. What kind of existing is God?

Language: Farsi

Class Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Time: 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Pakuranga Musjid
27 Ben Lomond Cresent
Pakuranga Heights

Admission Fee: $100 NZD
You will receive all your money back if you do not miss more than 3 lectures.

All Hazara Afghan Association of N.Z. Inc (AHAANZ)



سخندانى استاد عبدالخالق محمدى در مجلس محرمالحرام حسىنى .ا.٢

Time: Monday (13th) - Wednesday (15th) between 9.45pm-10.30pm

Location: Pakuranga Masjid, Auckland, N.Z.

Entry: Open


نام: عبدالخالق محمدی

  تحصیلات عالی

1. لیسانس علوم سیاسی

2. لیسانس فرهنگ و معارف اسلامی

3. ماستری فلسفه

4. دروس حوزه وی ( سطح چهار: خارج فقه و اصول)

برخی از فعالیت های علمی و فرهنگی

1. استاد علوم سیاسی در دانشگاه خاتم النبیین (ص) کابل.

2. ریاست انجمن فرهنگی طلاب افغانستان.

3. همکاری علمی با مرکز تحقیقات و مطالعات راهبردی افغانستان (تدریس).

4. همکاری علمی با مجله تخصصی «گفتمان نو» ( محقق و نویسنده).

5. عضویت فعال در انجمن دانشگاهیان افغانستان.

در رابطه با دو موضوع احتمالا صحبت خواهد نمود:
1. نقش دین در زندگی انسان مدرن
حلیل انسان شناسانه پدیده عاشورا برمبنای نظریات انسان شناسی قرآن


Tampa Preparation Meeting

A community meeting will be held in Pakuranga Masjid on Sunday 31st July 2010 at 3pm. Members from AHAANZ are invited to attend the meeting to discuss the Tampa event anniversary. Young people are specially recommended to attend this crucial gathering. Please come up with some ideas about what should be done this year for the Tampa's celebration. Look forward to see you all there.






Community meeting and gathering

A community meeting will be held in Pakuranga Masjid on Sunday 11th of July 2010 at 4pm. Members from All Hazara Afghan Association of New Zealand are strongly suggested to attend this crucial gathering. The discussions raised will be oriented towards our community and this years Tampa anniversary. Looking forward to see you all there.





Tampa Anniversary                                                                                                                                

Tampa Anniversay Celebration is held annually in Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand to mark the survival anniversary of 432 Hazara Afghans from the Indian Ocean by a Norwaygian Cargo Vessel, when their boat was broken down and drifted in the ocean on its way to Australia in 2001. Large number of Hazara assylum seekers from that boat were given resettlement by New Zealand, when Australian government led by John Howard refused to take them.

Tampa event occured on the 26th of August 2001, therefore the its anniversary is held on annual bases at a weekend at the end of August.

The celeration consist of various Hazaragi musics, dances, stage shows, dramas, jokes, prize givings, speeches and so forth. Guests in the past who participated to the event include the former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, who is currently the head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), former Minister of NZ Ethnic Affairs Chris Carter, MP Ashraf Chaudary and so forth.

This years event is likely to be participated by about 600 people from AHAANZ community as well as guests including Immigration Minister Dr Johnathan Coleman, Labour party leader Hon Phil Goff, North Shore Mayor Mr. Andrew Williams and so forth.


When: 5.00pm Sunday, 3 Oct, 2010

Where: Glenfield College Theater, Kaipitiki Rd, Glenfield, North Shore City, Auckland, New Zealand
Website or Map:
Contact Info: 0064-2102213061
Event Type: anniversay
Organized By: AHAANZ Team


Radio New Zealand National Programs for 2010 World Refugee Day

“A Thousand Strangers” Five Unique Stories from Refugee Background Youth

Produced, in partnership, by: Voice Arts Trust and Radio New Zealand

Funded By The Department of Labour and the Lotteries Commission.


During the development of “A Thousand Strangers”, five young people with refugee backgrounds were given the rare and unique opportunity of being guided through the process of creating, developing and producing their own radio dramas for broadcast on Radio New Zealand National in celebration of World Refugee Day 2010.  Through individual workshops with a skilled arts-facilitator, the project aimed to nurture new forms of self-expression and to support the creative exploration and development of each participant’s story.  


The result is five fascinating and very different stories exploring themes of loss, separation, re-birth, true love, and misunderstanding.  Listeners can tune in to Radio New Zealand at 10:45 AM from Monday, 21st June to Friday 25th June to hear stories from Farah Omar (Somalia), Maureen Zala (Iraq), Thary Trann (Cambodia), Mang Za Uk Hram Kung (Burma), and Margaret Pompeo (Sudan).

On Air: 10.45am daily Monday 21st June – Friday 25th June Radio New Zealand National (Nine to Noon).


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